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Iimage Retrieval | Best Reseller of Book, Archival & Microfilm Scanners

IImage Retrieval

IImage Retrieval, Inc (IIRI) was founded in 1990 as a “C” corp. by CEO and President, Derek Jenkins. Early on, the company aligned itself with a microfilm scanner manufacturer called SunRise Imaging and participated in the development of a new microfilm scanner. Over the years SunRise® became the leader in the film scanning industry and IImage Retrieval was its largest and most experienced reseller and repair facility worldwide.

In 1995, IIRI opened an office in London, England. This office provides the same services as the US office including microform, rare book and special collections scanning.

In 2001, driven by IIRI customer requests, Derek expanded IImage Retrieval Inc’s (IIRI) product line to include the rare book scanners produced by i2s. This line of high resolution, color or monochrome, planetary scanners complimented the film scanners. The DigiBook™ line of high resolution scanners were designed for the archival industry but also fill a very flexible role scanning large flat materials such as maps, drawings, and newspapers.

In 2002 IImage Retrieval owners founded a new company called nextScan. Over the next 2 years they participated in designing and developing a new generation of more technically advanced microfilm scanners. As soon as the nextScan microfilm scanners hit the market, it was apparent that they were many years ahead of the competition. nextScan scanners could out perform and out produce any other scanner on the market. Today, nextScan is still considered a leader in microfilm imaging.

From the company office in a northern suburb of Dallas, TX, IImage Retrieval has grown from a small service bureau and software development company to the premier reseller of  Book, Archival, & Microfilm Scanner equipment in the US, providing sales, installation, training, service and parts distribution for i2s and nextScan™  product lines as well custom software development for the imaging industry.