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Book Scan Service | Microfilm/Microfiche Scanning from IImage Retrieval, Inc.

i2s DigiBook QUARTZ Book Scanner

Digitization Services

IImage Retrieval has been a digital conversion service bureau for over 25 years. Our eye for image quality as well as our professional approach to all jobs that come through our doors has made us an industry leader.

We equip our experienced digitization staff with top-of-the-line scanning equipment. The president and VP of IImage Retrieval were 2 of the 3 co-founders of nextScan, which manufactures the best microfilm scanners in the world. For all bound material, we use i2s high-resolution overhead scanners specifically designed to capture the scans without causing any unwanted damage to the material. This is the same equipment used at prestigious universities and government agencies in the United States and the world. 

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We are experienced in scanning a variety of different media including:
-Aperture Cards
-Large Format
-And More!

For small projects, we have made an easy-to-use order form. If you have a medium or large project, please submit an information request to discuss your materials in more detail. We offer custom pricing for projects that have specific requirements not stated on our services page.

Microfilm and Microfiche Scanning

IImage Retrieval has been in the imaging industry for over 25 years. Let our professionals discuss with you the options to digitize your collection of Microfilm and Microfiche. We are equipped to handle all size projects from 1 roll to thousands.

As your records become older, they have the possibility of deteriorating, becoming unreadable from constant use on viewers, or being lost. IIRI will be able to provide you with digital backups that can never be ruined or destroyed. Digital Images also allow for easy viewing by a larger audience. See our small job Price Chart orRequest a Quote for larger jobs!

Book Scanning

Do you have a collection of books, scrap books, yearbooks, notebooks, photo albums, or any other bound material that you would like to have in a digital format? IImage Retrieval uses high resolution book scanners that are made to handle bound material without applying stress to the binding.

We are able to output in a variety of outputs such as PDF, JPG, & TIFF as we

IIRI 25 Years Experience

ll as apply OCR text recognition to all of the images that are scanned. It is as simple as filling out this Job Request form and mailing your materials to us. And we ship them back to you for FREE!

Large Format Scanning

For all project that require an A1 size scanner (24 x 40 inches), we use the i2s DigiBook QUARTZ A1 HD. This scanner has been tested be industry professionals and outputs one of the best images on the market. Under the Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative (FADGI), the QUARTZ A1 HD is considered a perfect 4 star scanner. 

Our large format scanner is capable of scanning bound material such as newspapers, country records, or manuscripts, as well as flat items such as posters, artwork, maps, and cut newspapers. Please contact us today to discuss your project and receive an accurate estimate to scan your collections.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

With over 25 years experience, we are confident that our professionals using our top of the line scanning equipment will provide you with the best images the industry has to offer. All projects performed by IImage Retrieval will not be billed until the customer has reviewed and approved the images.

Utilizing our services, organizations can quickly convert information into digital assets for employees to securely access and use, reducing operating costs and providing an instant Return-On-Investment sought in today's economy.

IImage Retrieval has scanned projects of all sizes and uses complete discretion during and after the project has been completed. Please call us today to discuss your project. For small projects, please see our flat rate pricing chart. One easy to use price for simple, quick scanning services. Just fill out this order form and mail in your materials! For all projects larger than listed, Request a Quote.

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