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Bound Book Scanning Service from IImage Retrieval

Book Scanning Services- i2s CopiBook

IImage Retrieval offers book scanning using the best equipment on the market! Using manual book scanners designed by i2S, IIRI can scan materials without removing, harming, or cutting the binding. Our scanners are also capable of scanning yearbooks, newspapers, loose documents, photographs, and any flat material at the highest quality. Our scanners are able to scan materials as large as 24'' x 36''. Whether you have a single book or a large collection to digitize, IImage Retrieval can help!

We can digitize:
Resolution Price/page GS/RGB
300 dpi $0.35 / $0.40
400 dpi $0.40 / $0.45
600 dpi $0.45 / $0.50

Scans will be outputed at JPEG/50 unless other arrangement are approved. For RAW output add $0.10/page.
*Books must be under 17''x24'' while open

  • Bound books
  • Notebooks
  • Yearbooks
  • Scrapbooks
  • Newspapers (Bound and Unbound)
  • Magazines
  • Photographs/Postcards
  • Fragile Documents/Manuscripts  

Incredible Image Quality

Many service bureaus today use low level equipment that are not able to capture images at the quality that is demanded by today's market. Many more factors go into creating quality images than just resolution. IImage Retrieval uses dedicated proprietary scanheads that offer an effective array of 105 megapixels (3X 35 million pixels per RGB Color Channel). Our scanners are capabale to offer 24-bit color TIFF outputs (uncompressed & lossless) as a master copy. If chosen, IIRI will convert images into a derivative file (PDF, JPG, GIF, etc.) that is right for your particular project. Our scanners offer a variety of TRUE OPTICAL resolution outputs from 200-800 ppi that meet or exceed the guidelines set by the Library of Congress or the National Archives and Records Administration. Additionally, all projects performed in our office use a color-managed workflow so that images viewed on a calibrated monitor will exactly match the original materials.

We also offer archival standard imaging to our customers with uncompressed 36-bit (68.71 billion colors per image) uncompressed lossless TIFF files. It is IImage Retrieval's goal to provide you with images that meet the standards of your institution.

Book Scanning on CopiBookHow It Works: 

IImage Retrieval has made an easy flat rate Pricing Chart for bound materials that are able to fit on a 17''x24'' surface when opened. We ask that you fill out the order request form based on the specifications for you project and mail in the material. 

Images can be delivered through a variety of methods. The most popular method is by an external hard drive with its' size and price depending on the size of the project. We also offer DVD, FTP site, and BluRay disc delivery.

It is important to remember that these prices are for books that do not require special handling due to the fragility of the materials. Excessive fragility is defined by a scanner operator spending an extended amount of time opening and turning the pages.

We are able to handle materials of any size, fragility, material, and format but would need to price accordingly. Please feel free to call us at (972) 492-0930 with any questions on our services and pricing. 

Scanning Options: 

  • Color Depth: 24-bit full color (36-bit “Deep Color” TIFFs available for special projects), grayscale, or bitonal (black and white)
  • Resolution: 200-600 dpi (true optical); downscaling available for lower-resolution files
  • Image Types: TIFF (black and white, grayscale, or full-color, Group IV, uncompressed or LZW, single- or multipage), JPEG, searchable / image-only PDF, JPEG2000, GIF, PNG, and all other standard image formats
  • OCR “sidecar” file output for compatibility digital collection management software
  • Image compression derivatives for smallest file size 

Geometric Curve Correction 

IImage Retrieval also offers a post processing tool to help restore the original geometrical shape of the work. Particularly for books with a deep gutter, IIRI uses curvature correction software to minimize or remove the curve and distortion found in images taken of book pages. IIRI  will produce perfectly rectangular images with long flat text lines.