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Digital Imaging Benefits | Buy Digibook Scanner from IImage Retrieval, Inc

Why Have Your Materials Scanned?

Digitization is the conversion of film, fiche, books, and documents into electronic images that can be viewed on a computer. Digital images allow for documents to be retrieved quickly and easily with little to no complications. Organizations, governments, and educational institutions around the world are converting their files and films to digital images for a variety of reasons.

IImage Retrieval will make the digitization process as smooth as possible while informing the customer with everything they need to know. Organizations will instantly see the benefits of a digitized collection.

Below are a few benefits you will find with digital imaging:

  • Makes images centrally available: Your staff no longer needs to walk to different departments and storage rooms to find that particular document. Images can be stored on a centralized hard drive for retrieval on multiple computers.
  • Unlimited storage back up: Digital images have no limit to the amount of back up they can be stored on. All information can be properly stored so that the information is never lost.
  • Clears physical storage space- Turn those cabinets, boxes, and piles of books into usable office space. After converting a large collection, the material can be destroyed or moved to another storage facility.
  • Manages records easily: Rolls & books can no longer be misfiled and lost because they are located on a computer. Digital images can be found by a simple click of the mouse.
  • Fast document retrieval: A document management system can empower your staff members with the ability to locate and retrieve documents instantaneously. Your staff is now able to immediately respond to the requests of your customers and patrons.
  • OCR allows for fast information locating: Remove the hassle of reading through multiple documents to find specific information. Optical Character Recognition allows the user to search images and immediately locate key phrases or words in the document.
  • Multiple access points: Digital images allow for multiple staff to view the same documents on different computers. There is no wait time when there is a high demand for specific documents.
  • Information may be placed online: Digital information can be place on the internet for the public to view. Rare collections or public documents are made widely available without risk to damage.
  • Prevents damaged records: Digital images can not deteriorate or loose quality over time. Your records will remain safe once saved to a hard drive.
  • Ends delays searching for lost, misplaced, or misfiled documents: Digital imaging eliminates the need to shuffle through files and film that may be lost or missing. Images will remain in the same location for easy retrieval.
  • Eliminates the inconvenience of off-site retrieval: Records stored on your network and/or hard drives take up so little space that you will never need to travel to an offsite storage facility.
  • View, print, and email a document without leaving your desk: With a few mouse clicks, access any document from your computer.
  • Disaster Proof: Your image files can be saved to off site CD’s or hard drive in the event of a disaster that destroys your facility or computer.