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Digibook Scanner | A Reliable Book Scanner from IImage Retrieval

The SupraScan™ Quartz A1 is the third generation of the i2S DigiBook's SupraScan™ range that has been sold successfully around the world for 7 years.

The new SupraScan™ Quartz A1 has been developed with a very simple frame of mind: "Learn from the past, learn from your customers, be smart with technologies and no compromises!" This is why today, you are viewing the most reliable and efficient scanner that brings you all you need to make your digitizing projects successful.

This new SupraScan™ generation called "Quartz" has been totally revamped and comes today with a new camera, book cradle, lighting system, software and exclusive features. This is why the SupraScan™ Quartz is the best solution with all in one: image quality, productivity, ergonomics and durability.

This new generation comes in three models:

SupraScan™ Quartz A1 HD
SupraScan™ Quartz A1
SupraScan™ Quartz A0 HD

NEW: See how the DigiBook Quartz tested for Metamorfoze Compliance

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  1. DigiBook SupraScan QUARTZ
  2. SupraScan QUARTZ 4
  3. SupraScan QUARTZ 3
  4. DigiBook Quartz Lighting
    SupraScan QUARTZ 2
  5. i2S DigiBook Quartz Scanning Bible
    SupraScan QUARTZ 1
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  • High resolution line scan camera
  • Tri-Linear CCD Sensor
  • Automatic Focus (Quartz HD)
  • 600 dpi resolutions for full scanning surface (Quartz HD)
  • 25'' x 40'' (A1) scanning surface
  • Motorized Book Cradle
  • Pressure Sensitive Scan Glass
  • 6 Second Scan Time
  • Bi-Directional Scanning
  • Long Life LED lighting system with no UV or IR emission
  • Relief enhancement on documents and objects
  • No Glare even on highly reflective documents
  • TWAIN Driver
  • Multiple Formats: TIFF, TIFF G4, TIFF Multipage, TIFF LZW, PDF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, DNG
  • DigiBook Application Software
  • Windows 7, 64 Bit Platform
  • Production level PC included
  • No delay between scans
  • Durable (Long Lasting Product Life)
  • Image Enhancement & Compression performed while scanning
  • Operator comfort with new ergonomic design