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CopiBook V Scanner | A Reliable Book Scanner from IImage Retrieval

The CopiBook V is a semi automatic book scanner utilizing a 120° cradle for bound documents that are fragile or not able to open to a full 180°.

The new CopiBook V book scanner utilizes two high resolution i2s cameras to provide industry leading image quality and resolutions up to 600 dpi optical over the 2xA3+ scan surface. The CopiBook V offers the perfect balance of image quality, production scan speeds, and document care.

The scanner utilizes two symmetrical LED lights at the front and back of the scanner for consistent lighting across the pages and into the gutters. The lights are placed so that the reflection does not bounce into the operators eyes and cause discomfort.

The 120° book cradle uses technology to slide the full cradle horizontally as the pages become thicker on one side of the book. This will guarantee that the focal distance from a camera to the page is always the same. This is essential for having consistently clear and crisp digital images that are not blurred due to focus issues.

This book scanner has 2 different models:

CopiBook V - A1 (400dpi Max Resolution)

CopiBook V - A2 (600dpi Max Resolution)


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The CopiBook V is a product specifically designed for bound material with or without fragile binding. The V-shaped scanners offers the ideal support to scan the widest range of bound documents with the highest level of image quality. The CopiBook V is a semi-automatic scanner that is equipped with the two i2s high resolution cameras that have made their scanners an industry leader in image capture. Choose between 3 different camera options based on your particular scanning requirements.

Features & Specifications

  • NEW: i2s CopiBook V
  • 2xA3+ or 2xA2+ 120 Degree Book Cradle
  • Auto-centering book cradle
  • Multiple Formats: TIFF, JPEG, TIFF G4, TIFF LZE
  • Motorized Vertical Movement
  • 2 High Resolution i2s Cameras with CCD Area Sensor
  • 18.9" x 12.6'' Max Page Scanning Dimensions (2xA3+)
  • Multiple "True Optical" Resolutions: 200, 300, 400, 600 ppi
  • Fully automatic settings: focus, exposure time, white balance, format detection
  • Book thickness size adjustment
  • Fast scan and cycle times
  • Cool LED lighting for even lighting across scan surface
  • Images are saved during scanning process to speed up production
  • i2S Image Enhancement Software (Curvature Correction, Deskew, and Finger masking)
  • V-Glass designed without sharp edge cutting glass
  • Motorized glass is designed to come down at the exact same position
  • Glass automatically releases if it detects any interference
  • Capture Modes: 24-bit Color, 8-bit Grayscale, 1-bit BW
  • Lights are angled to not shine in operators eyes
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Captures in color, grayscale, and bitonal
  • 120 opening for no glare on images
  • Intuitive software design for easy training
  • 6 x USB 2.0 ports- for quick saving
  • 900 pages/hr at 600 dpi
  • 1 Year Depot Warranty
  • Handles books up to 44 lbs
  • 45.28''(W) x 51.18''(D) x 71.65''(H)

DigiBook V Shape